Boom (Fashion Brand Roadshow in China) by LAM Wai Ming
2010 - 2011, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
“Boom” was the theme of this exhibition, which not only highlighted the youth’s potential to create their own dressing styles, but also symbolized the noises of these exhibitions created in public as a bomb exploded.
To implement this concept, the zigzag form was used as a basic visual element and feature, but with different implementations and configurations used in different booth’s designs. In Hangzhou, a massive black box with zigzag edges was centered at the exhibition booth which served as meeting rooms. In Wuhan, the zigzag form was used at the facade design as a visual statement.
Design Challenges
LAM Wai Ming did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Boom Fashion Brand Roadshow in China.
Production Technology
All parts of the exhibition booth structures were designed as “kit-of-parts” components, which were prefabricated in factory and to be installed on site. Some parts can be reused or reconfigured to form a new booth design in future in order to comply with the cost and environmental concerns.
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