Giulia Shelf (Storage Shelf) by Kevin Chu
2010 - 2011, Iron A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
My girlfriends hair, which is as curly and messy as it comes!
Very few, if any storage shelf in the design industry promotes the concept of "messy-ness". My design promotes and even invigorates the concept of messy placement. Stack anything you want in whichever way you want and it will accentuates the design even further. The geometry of the shelf is confusing and the user should be as confused and as lack of direction as the shelf intended. The shelf has also a unique loop geometry where the internal structure is inlaid with artificial turf. Like some elliptical green garden in your house, it promotes confusion within the stacking order of your "stuff". Artificial turf does not need to be confined to walls and floors but also furniture itself and messy-ness can be held in a higher regard. This is the unique quality of my design.
Design Challenges
To come up with a storage shelf concept that is truly ground breaking structurally and asthetically but yet functional at the same time. Even the functional element has to be unique in context
Production Technology
High Polish Stainless Steel structural frame welded together with artificial turf laminated on its interior structure
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