Vanilla (Lounge Chair) by Sahar Madanat Haddad
2010 - 2011, Iron A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
This design was inspired by today’s generation. A design that creates a moment of reflection towards the many contradictions between our generation and our parents’ and grandparents’, whereby even though these differences seem to tear us apart at times, our heritage and history always ground us, creating a harmonious and complementary marriage between what may feel like two very different realities. The decorative metal sheet in the middle serves a meaningful purpose of tying both sides together, while its beautiful patterns cast shadows symbolizing heritage. More importantly, however, the concept is to bring forth to the spotlight our precious traditional arts by sourcing this component of the lounge chair to our talented local craftsmen .
Has a rear end to be proud of!  - Its ergonomic form supports the knees and back.  - Very comfortable 7 cm cushioning.  - Bent wood provide cantilever effect.  - Decorative patterns create beautiful shadows.  - Wide seat for leisurely sitting.  - Tilt knee mechanism: 360 rotation and tilt back.  - Adjustable neck rest.  - Handmade decorative sheet metal to support local craftsmen. - Simple production processes, local suppliers; means greener product.
Design Challenges
The most difficult part of this project was to design a lounge chair that can be produced in very minimal industrial processes, without affecting the aesthetic quality of the chair.
Production Technology
Main frame: Bent plywood with a polished stainless steel base. upholstery; suede & leather. Decorative element; engraved sheet metal(brass / local suppliers of handicrafts). Tilt and 360 degree rotational mechanism. Once put into sub assemblies there are only four main components; upholstery, bent wood frame, decorative sheet metal, and base. This provides ease of assembly, shipping and eventually maintenance. All materials and manufacturing process are quite simple, do not require sophisticated machinery. The objective is to manufacture this lounge chair locally in order to reduce its carbon footprint.
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