Sunflower (Solar Povered Lunchbox) by Edita Barabas
2010 - 2011, Iron A' Social Design Award Winner
Nature, reweable sources of energy
The Sunflower can change our attitude towards classical usage of electricity, allowing us to welcome solar energy into our everyday lives. It represents an alternative way of looking at standard home appliances which we use for cooling down or heating up our food. The Sunflower is a solar lunch box that combines heating and cooling technologies all in one portable appliance. It allows you to heat up or to cool down your meal while you are outdoors, giving you the convenience of the household without the attached home appliances. The food may also be kept at a constant cool temperature to keep free from bacteria. Its functionality allows you to cool down a drink while warming up your soup all from the same portable package. The Sunflower is an ecological appliance that collects the sun's energy through a series of solar panels that spread like the petals of a flower. The basic ingenuity of nature is combined with today's technology. The Sunflower represents a new way of using alternative sources of sustainable energy - a utopian way of thinking for usage in our everyday life. It represents a new philosophy of using solar energy for supplying our standard home appliances. Although having similar functionalities to today's common household appliances, the Sunflower doesn't try to replace them, but it certainly is a new challenge we can put on using them in the future.
Design Challenges
Edita Barabas did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Sunflower Solar Povered Lunchbox.
Production Technology
Polypropilene, metal, solar cells. Injection moulding tehnology.
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