Steganography (Advertising Concept) by Tony Hughes
2011 - 2012, Bronze A' Idea Design Award Winner
Steganography – as this is the ability to carefully conceal a message within artwork and pre-dates cryptography and modern approaches of hiding messages.
I have used polarising film and wavelengths of light that I hope give a captivating and new approach to advertising and media. This was my final major project before my graduation and I wanted an exciting and daring concept, which at the same time was commercially practical. I also realised from the start the potential for “eye candy branding” and target audience marketing for shop front facades, partitions etc. For example my idea could be used on a billboard where two campaigns could be run from a single billboard space, targeting both audiences in slightly different ways, for example a car company advertises a new car with a strap line aiming its marketing towards pedestrians, while the same billboard could run a slightly different strap line with marketing in mind of people using public transport better capturing the target audience. The approach would be that the bus, train or taxi would have a window covered in the polarising film, which would interact when in line of sight of the polarising signage strap line on the billboard poster.
Design Challenges
The hardest part of my design was the challenge of mechanics, making the object move, I believed in the process of polarising light, and wavelengths, what I wasn't confident in was the final layout. I really became captivated by this idea and wasn't able to let it go.
Production Technology
Polarising Plastic Glass Clear Tape MDF Box Battery powered motor - turn platter. Electroluminescence Sheet
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