Crawl Lamp (Contemporary Desk Lamp) by Napoleon M. Haboc
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
CRAWL LAMP is a unique contemporary desk lamp. Base and shade design has its striking feature which combines simplicity and geometric form . It has a 4 legged base instead of using traditional round or square bases. Shades has an elegant appearance as well as graceful sloping cut out from its mouth added by attached decorative metal accent on top.Lamp uses energy-efficient 5W LED bulb. Shade is adjustable from left to right, or, from upward to downward direction with a maximum of 180 degrees & 120 degrees rotation, respectively. Ball at the bottom serves as base weight for balance as well as decorative body element. Main switch has 2 USB port as additional functionality.
Design Challenges
Napoleon M. Haboc did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Crawl Lamp Contemporary Desk Lamp.
Production Technology
Crawl lamp's main material is steel. From metal tubing (vertical body and extension arms), metal stamping (for its shade), metal die-casting (for its legs screwed or connected to vertical tube body). Whole body is available in chrome,nickel & brass finishes.
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