Magnetic Menu (Cover For Menu) by Dragan Jankovic
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Idea Design Award Winner
“Traditional” menu that is too often stodgy and with pages and pages with all sorts of food and drinks and a lady who just wants to order a salad.
A few plastic transparent foils linked with magnets that serve as the perfect cover for different types of printed material. Easy to use. Easy to manufacture and maintain. Long-lasting product that saves time, money, raw materials. Environmentally friendly. Easily adaptable for different purposes. Ideal use in restaurants as a cover for menus. When waiter brings you just one page with fruit cocktails, and just one page with cakes for your friend, for example, it’s almost like personalized menus made just for you.
Design Challenges
Traditional menus are a “nightmare” for printing houses. I’ve tried to make something simple and useful for everybody (restaurant managers, printing houses and restaurant guests), so that no one has to bother with pages and pages of information. So now when a guest wants to order just fruit salad, guest will receive just one or two pages with fruit salads, and when restaurant has something new in offer, the manager doesn’t have to change and print the entire menu …
Production Technology
Transparent foils, super strong synthetic magnets, paper
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