Nuo (Lighting) by Kenyon Yeh
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Winner
craftsmanship and the material functionality
Nuo’ pendant consist of two materials, made from rattan strips base and stem of banana trees that are environmentally friendly material and can be parsed again. This material processed with a particular method so that this material is very beautiful, flexible, and strong. After going through a careful process of finishing, it will be formed products of high artistic merit. ‘Nuo’ is divided into two sections, both of the outer base and the inner base curve that need high skilled craftsmanship to form, in the end finished on its natural color. The result, ‘Nuo’ has a unique beauty and simplicity in the finished pendant form, reflecting the traditional skills and the unique allure of material fashioned by human hands.
Design Challenges
In this project I want to deliver the different feeling of traditional handmade rattan object. Nuo pendant shape designed to fit the design environment but using different material which is traditional and handmade object. Perfection of handmade always better than machine production, also the value of the handmade object will become more valuable. It is a culture diversity, a mix between old and new, where I kept the old ways of making then giving a new design feeling outcome.
Production Technology
handmade rattan woven, steel structure, and fabric cable.
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