Gulfstream G550 Visions Edition (Airplane Interior Design and Exterior Graphics) by Stefan Radev
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Winner
Private jet transportation is in many ways underlined by individualism. It has a lot in common with sail or motor yachting, where the spirit of travelling in style, on a global scale is present. This romantic way of travelling the globe for recreation or business is carried on in modern private jet transportation, but with the advantages of speed and long range.
Premium luxury is the standard for the whole interior of the Gulfstream G550 Visions Edition. The G550 is a multi-million dollar air plane, where not at last the pilots operating this aircraft should also feel sitting in and operating an exclusive private jet. Gulfstream´s “PlaneView” cockpit standards are being developed further, where the avionics are integrated into a seamless overall light layout. Thinking about sustainability in the area of the aeroplane transportation is something rare to come by, but a step forward was here set by using bamboo wood elements.
Design Challenges
The challenge in this design concept lies in translating Gulfstream´s updated design philosophy into the G550. Thus emboding the design language in a throughout premium experience, from the cockpit to the passenger area. Oval shaped windows are one of the symbols of a Gulfstream aircraft and are there to allow more natural light into the cabin. It is this “signature element” that is taken here as main theme and translated into the cockpit, through to the executive passenger area and the exterior graphics. Premium luxury is the standard for the whole interior. For example the passenger area is divided formally into work and relaxation spaces. Simplicity and brightness is underlined by the comfortable seats. Having an integrated storage room into the arm rests, allow enough space for a favourite book, newspaper or magazine. To have low production costs and a high customization advantage, in the current concept is used an Apple iPad mount that is being produced by „Flight Display Systems“. As a final result the new G550 “Visions edition” interior should be an elegant, harmonious shaped space, where to continue the office work or spend a relaxed time, during the long flight to the designated destination.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the Gulfstream G550 Visions Edition Airplane Interior Design and Exterior Graphics by Stefan Radev is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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