Arnica Bora (Vacuum Cleaner With Water Filter) by Yasemin ULUKAN
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
natures way of cleaning:water , plug and play , practical , vacuum lock
Bora brings innovations to the water filtered vacuum cleaner market with its functionality and design, with its patented water filtering system, and patented vacuum lock no other water filtered vacuum cleaner in the market includes,double suction feature that never lets the dust outside, a tested Hepa filter , visual design integrity with matching parts, environmental awareness with recyclable parts . Because the water tank is a bucket shaped structure, the vacuum cleaner can be cleaned easily and bacterial growth will be prevented.It provides an excellent and practical cleaning
Design Challenges
Our team worked on making every part simple; easy to mold and assemble for production, easy to use, easy to clean for end user . It was challenging when creating a spongeless double suction system that keeps all the dust in water without letting water drops reach motor.The dominant function of Bora is functionality, therefore Bora has a modest design that completes this functionality.It is an innovative product with the worlds first vacuum lock mechanism which makes the unique plug and play vacuum cleaner in the market.
Production Technology
All plastic parts of Bora are made of recycled material. A sign has been placed on each part that shows the type of the materials used in production of such part and this facilitates the recycling. After 3 years of researches in R&D department, all parts are designed so that they can be assembled quickly with a minimum error rate.As a result of those economical designs, the production cost has decreased, therefore more products were produced. Thanks to the newly designed filtering system, no suction loss will occur in Bora. This allows getting more vacuuming performance with less motor power.
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