L-Stool (Stool) by Olena Sydoruk
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Combining the clean lines that follow the traditional Japanese design style, pure functionality and a modern aesthetic, I wanted to design a unique and intriguing stool with a different approach to seating. The idea of the stool came from my childhood when we used to lift a person by holding hands and creating a seat. Four parts of the stool overlapping each other create a strong structure that is able to support a person’s weight, imitating four woven hands. Its name is based on its appearance. The shape of each part refers to the letter "L" which stands for "Love". This stool is a symbol of support and care.
Minimalistic style, repetition of the elements and functionality are the key words for this design. The L-Stool is a unique lightweight yet strong seat. Its four parts hold each other like people holding hands. The idea behind the concept is to create a strong unified piece made of four identical separate parts. One part alone can not be strong and steady enough, but with the support of other three it creates a stable structure.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge was to look at furnishing from a different perspective and create a unique stool that will differ from anything that exist in the market. I wanted to challenge people's perceptions about standards and take a somewhat surprising, fun and innovative approach. The concepts exploration was focused on simplicity, functionality and repetition of the elements, trying to find the curve that would look elegant and have the correct proportions to be able to support someone’s weight. To refine and visualize the design I used 3D modeling software, rapid prototype models, paper mock-ups, a scaled plywood model and full-size foam-core mock-ups. After making some corrections the final decision was made and I began to work on a full-sized plywood model. The first step in the construction process was building the mold that the stool parts would be formed on. Many layers of veneers were glued and placed on the mold in the vacuum bag. Once they came out, they were trimmed and the edges were sanded. Finally, a few layers of clear coat were applied.
Production Technology
4 identical parts. Material: bent plywood. Also can be made of acrylic, aluminum, etc. Various materials and manufacturing methods can be used to produce the L-Stool.
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