Flavoured Flints (Food Tools) by Léa André
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Winner
Inspired by prehistoric tools.
“Flavoured flints” is a collection of differents food tools made by conglomerates of salt and sugar with added dried extracts of flavour-enhancing fruits, obtained by cryogrinding. Spices, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits are included in the ingredients. The flints prompt consumers to season their meals using ancestral techniques : rubbing the two volumes, as big as your fist and faceted, against each other. By choosing to use differents flints, it becomes possible to combine all sorts of flavours.
Design Challenges
A relation with a chef was developped around this project.
Production Technology
The dried extracts of flavour-enhancing fruits are obtained by cryogrinding. The cryogrinding is a liquid nitrogen-based technique which cools ingredients right down to -196°C to make them easier to turn into powder, whilst preserving flavour and colour as much as possible.
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