Max & Minny (A Bed For Our Pets) by Polona Pakiz
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award Winner
I have two dogs in the house and I couldn't find a nice an suitable bed for them, so it can be a designed part of my living room.
Max for dogs and Minny for cats is modern designed bed, which is a very stylish addition to our living space, never made before. This well designed bed can be combined with our expensive sofa or colour of the wall or any furniture in our apartment. This Bed is made from natural materials, which are friendly for users. Framework is from plywood and veneer. Pillow is from quality and breathable foam and makes our pet comfortable and healthy lying. The cover of a pillow can be washed, replaced or changed colour if needed. For animal with arthritis and allergies the pillow is with memory foam. The back of a bed is a Plexiglas, which can also be exchange in any time. With the right colour of veneer, Plexiglas and pillow, Max and Minny can be a beautiful addition to our apartment or house. We are also designing a bed for external use in our garden. Max can be made in three different sizes. The smallest max is also called Minny and can be used also for our cats
Design Challenges
Polona Pakiz did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Max & Minny A Bed For Our Pets.
Production Technology
The bed is made of 3 layers of 3mm plywood and veneer which are glued together and then bended on the mould for the right form.
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