Paperclip Armrest (Armrest For High-Density Seating) by James Lee
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Unexpected Design Award Winner
The inspiration came while sitting in a lecture hall full of people- a sudden realization there is a better way to use space more efficiently so that no one needs to fight for an armrest.
The Paperclip Armrest is a dual-level armrest that allows neighboring occupants to use the same armrest at the same time without touching each other. This is useful in eliminating the frustration that occupants in tight seating arrangements face, such as in the theatre or in the economy class cabin. The Paperclip Armrest is a simple and elegant solution to an age-old problem.
Design Challenges
James Lee did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Paperclip Armrest Armrest For High-Density Seating.
Production Technology
The Paperclip Armrest is a design concept that can appear in different shapes and forms, and using different types of materials as long as they are strong enough to support the arms.
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