Emok Mamoki (Double Sided Organic Soft Toy) by Renata Calka
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Winner
Inspiration for the toy was expression of happiness on little boy's face.
EMOK MAMOKI is innovative toy as it is reversible and has double sided character. They are all unique as I use different colours and finishing. Also it can be personalized when made to order by embroidery name on lavender heart. They have attached special MAMOKI's PASSPORT with a number for limited edition, name, design details and information about product and how to care of it.
Design Challenges
The challenge in this project is that my toys are very time consuming and because they are made in Ireland it is hard to keep it in low cost. I made a research as I wanted to send my project to factories. I was in India and started some negotiations, but found it difficult to keep all the process on my will, since I wont be there to supervise. I have also sent some works on the design (such as cutting and embroidery) to be made in one of the Turkish factories. Unfortunately I wasn't satisfied with the result. So, my idea to put my designs into production failed with no more funds. Than I started to consider working and selling my ideas as a designer.
Production Technology
The process of the production of double sided toy is longer and more complicated then a normal toy. It need more fabric and work to make it. Production process includes: preparing and cutting form in fabrics, embroidery, sewing on front main shapes, stuffing parts of the toy, sewing in all together, hand finishing Materials which I use: certified organic cotton interlock/bamboo fleece, hypoallergenic stuffing made from natural fiber, woolen felt for details, lavender- heart In my toys there is no polyester, neither plastic. No materials supplied from China. All homemade in Ireland in no smoking and no pets house, with special care and love.
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