Rage Over Babylon (Digital Artwork) by Ziv Qual
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design Award Winner
Traditional art, human nature and our history
UNIQUE PROPERTIES - The story and the sybolism behind the story of Babylon : Peace - I think the whole concept of Babylon, the city where all the cultures lived together speaking the same language and worked together for a shared goal, is the strongest symbol of peace. When you think about it, This was the last time mankind ever lived in peace. Advances/Innovation - The Tower of Babylon was probably one of mankinds greatest creations. It probably seemed impossible to create a few years before the construction begun, same as things and achievements we make today seemed impossible yesterday. I think this tower is a symbol of mankinds will to always push his boundaries and break the limits (even as far as to reach the height of God and maybe beyond it). God - The bible is filled with stories about how mankind angered God and got punished for it but also were forgiven for their sins. I've tried to symbolize that in the sky and in the lighting: one side of the sky is dark and raging while the other is warm and "hopeful". The general lighting setup is the same - cold from one side and warm from the other. The end result of this story is the same: God was angry, but he decided to only shake the ground around the tower itself to bring it down and not to harm people who were far enough from it.
Design Challenges
Ziv Qual did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Rage Over Babylon Digital Artwork.
Production Technology
3D modeling and rendering technologies. I've made a detailed making-of article of it but I cant post it here ...
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