Vortex (Washbasin and a Complementary Tap) by Deniz Karasahin
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Vortex form, drain, fluid behavior
The aim of the vortex design is to find a new form to influence water flow in washbasins to increase their efficiency, contribute to their user experience and improve their aesthetic and semiotic qualities. The result is a metaphor, derived from an idealized vortex form that signifies drain and water flow which visually indicates the entire object as a functioning washbasin. This form combined with the tap, guides the water in to a spiral path allowing the same amount of water to cover more ground which results in decreased water consumption for cleaning.
Design Challenges
Once I had the vortex idea, the washbasin practically built itself rapidly on my mind and I was left with this visually complete form. The real challenge was the tap because it needed to visually belong to the washbasin but not repeating it. It needed her own character but in a way also complimenting to the concept. In addition, there were physical demands as well, such as the angel of the tap, so that it wouldn’t spill the water plus the proportional relationship between washbasin and the tap, so that it can fully function with ease.
Production Technology
Although numerous materials and production technologies are available for this concept, the most convenient material for the washbasin is high-performance ceramic which needs to be die casted and then glazed with a very slick nonstick glaze. This will help the water to form large droplets and sweep away the grime. The tap has to be gravity casted from brass, mechanically polished then chrome plated and finally the electronic touch panel should be installed.
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