Innovative Hospitality & Welness (Dental Centre) by Alessandro Luciani
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
THE VISION: The Vision of the INNOVATIVE DENTAL CENTER (IDC) program consists in a series of services, solutions, applications, new processes of interactive communication, information and prevention, available for the clients of the center and also concerns the society and its problems related to care and prevention. The IDC is conceived to become a real social laboratory integrating culture, information, medical practices and clients, with the aim of enhancing the interaction between the medical staff and the group of present and future clients. The Centre is strongly customer-oriented and combines an intense activity of prevention, information and support, a specialized technical/technological innovation and a painstaking design, so as to increase not only its value but also the value perceived and experienced by clients and the society, resulting in a strong a new attraction that becomes a mainstay compared with its Competitors. Ethical and social responsibility project. High professional and customer service standards. Prevention, information and training programs, consistent with new lifestyles "New Cultural Life & Healthy Program". Culture generating programs. Program aimed at different clusters of clients - parents, children, youth, elderly, pregnant women, disabled people. Entertainment program - movies, music, videogames, audio-visual materials aimed at reducing stress and fear. Design culture. The project is aimed at creating a strong and important change in the potential patients’ perception of a dental center and, in particular, the concepts of Fear, Wait, Wasted Time. The project perfectly combines the Design with the latest marketing tools to develop a new place where Wait is transformed into Integral Welcome. Waiting patients can use their time more constructively and perceive it in a new way. The Waiting Time, usually perceived as wasted time, is then transformed into “high-quality” time, for everybody’s comfort. "WELLNESS" is produced by a combination of different activities, while HOSPITALITY becomes an ACTIVE process. A relaxing sensory approach involving our 5 Senses generates comfort, "Total relaxing approach & innovative value comfort", through the creation of simple and comfortable environments stirring up emotions and stimulating cultural interest though information, ... "FEELING THROUGH FEELINGS". AN INTEGRAL WELCOME AND AN ACTIVE HOSPITALITY. Environment: Care of Design, Lighting, Colors, Scents, Noise, Cleanness and Beauty in general. Service:Information, services for children, disabled people, elderly, VIP and Special clients. Culture: Easy relations through the use of new technologies. Emotion/Empathy: Liking and cordiality. Relations: vailability and Courtesy, natural tendency to customer care. Communication: Spreading of information and new knowledge of Entertainment, through the use of interactive screens (touch-screen) and digital transparent boards. Cognitive/Didactic sphere: Diffusion of effective practices and correct/responsible behaviors. Educational/Social sphere: Patients greeter. For clients "Educating Hospitality". Multiple Health Education. Activation of Communities and exchange of cross-information through Blogs and special Social Networks.
INNOVATIVE DENTAL CENTER PROGRAM: IDCP is a program conceived as a set of projects and activities, characterized by a new Vision and a Pluriverse Mission (present and prospective clients, present and future suppliers of professional services, different groups of the population living in the catchment area), the technical project, the design, the feasible project, as well as the cultural and management project.
Design Challenges
THE MISSION: Developing highly professional services able to combine effectiveness, quality, reduction in costs, and reduction of the stress caused by dental treatment and surgery. Creating a new way of constant interaction with the patient, by combining informative initiatives aimed at different sectors of the population, and programs to enhancement the culture of prevention. Creating an informative area "Dental Health Edu-Zone Corner". Acting as a center of development of medical and health care skills.
Production Technology
DESIGN ELEMENTS: MULTIMEDIA AND SENSORY ELEMENTS: Custom-made pomanders and acoustic diffusers have been carefully installed in every room During the medical intervention patients may listen to music on headphones or watch TV. A hot pillow is placed around the patient's neck in order to reduce muscle stress. The reception has been equipped with interactive touch-screens. LIGHTING: Different types of lights have been selected (lamps, degrees, and temperatures), in particular LED lamps, so as to create a rhythmic and selective lighting The atmosphere is very "SOFT" All the dental rooms are equipped with an RGB LED system suitable for color therapy. COLORS: We’ll use the colors of the mark; green resin floors will give the environment a coordinate image The range of reds is excluded. GRAPHICS: The mark will decorate the entrance; the first letter is impressed on the resin floor while the leaf is shown on the reception desk The same mark is also shown on several internal displays. INTERIOR DESIGN: The central corridor and the walls are characterized by curves, while the ceiling is composed of a series of different hemispheres, so as to make the environment more fluid and relaxing The various dental rooms may be identified through the different colors of the LED positioned above each entrance. WELCOME ROOMS An Emotional Health Corner has been conceived in order to give patients a nice welcome. Rooms equipped with comfortable armchairs, welcome patients before being accompanied to the dental rooms. Thanks to a series of personalized displays, patients can easily find brochures and magazines, while the WI-FI connections is available in all the rooms. The studio also includes a specific area for children, equipped with a large interactive TV, colorful poufs, a videogames corner, a children’s library and a table suitable to draw or eat. The use of wireless headphones makes the children feel free to listen to music and enjoy themselves. A “First Class” space, specifically projected for "Special Clients", is equipped with a large interactive TV, free Wi-Fi connection and last generation leather massage chairs. The reception and display are characterized by matt white lacquered wood, while the Emotional Health Corner combines glazed stainless steel, for the desk, and wood and green Plexiglas, for the doors. The first class room are equipped with leather massage chairs, a Murano glass chandelier (Venice), polished stainless steel panels and taffeta curtains. The reception room is equipped with synthetic leather armchairs with steel frame, while the Children’s area has synthetic leather poufs and laquered wood furniture.
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