Commod – Feines in Holz (Stationery) by Jens Lattke
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
„The Passion for detail represents the specific“. The company´s founder Stefan Freudenberger thinks, feels and lives this way. His view for the extraordinary is the basis for success of the accomplished master joiner: Freudenberger sees exception in simplicity – when it´s created with passion, enthusiasm and a sense of quality. Living this philisophy made the grounded handcraftsman the perfect source of inspiration for Lattke und Lattke: a strong character, honesty, uniqueness – just like interior made by commod. This is how the office equipment should be. Mission accomplished.
„commod“ is specialised in interior work. True to the motto “fine wooden commodities” the company realises especially highly exclusive residential projects. The stationery was to meet this claim. A reduced but playful layout has been realised using especially blended colour. The stationery reflects the firm’s style as well as its ideology to use only the most precious material: The paper is made of 100 percent cotton, the envelopes of real wooden veneer. The business cards “embody” the companies’ slogan by creating a 3-dimensional room containing typical wooden products.
Design Challenges
How can somebody transport a man´s passion? How do you convey a passion for detail? How do you symbolize happiness on hidden particularity? Questions that Lattke und Lattke had to face inevitably implementing the ideas for Stefan Freudenberger and commod. Casual products did not come into consideration for the office equipment. So much better was the solution: the envelopes in a real wooden appearance come up all around remarkably, the cotton paper surprises not before the second touch with an uncommon haptics. Commod´s passion lies in details, in charateristics. And by the help of Lattke und Lattke even in his office equipment.
Production Technology
Stationery is made from 100 percent cotton. This unusual source material gives rough surface feel and a higher value. The back of the letter point the naturalness of commod’s products with an elegant wooden finish. In contrast to stationery the envelope shows its secret: Made of wood veneer with a plastically touch. Rounding out the office equipment by a foldable business card.
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