Arry Table (Multifunctional Table) by ARRY YU
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
This Arry Table invention came about because I had a need for a very flexible table. As they say in that famous quote, "necessity is the mother of invention".
From 2006 to 2009, I spent three years looking and searching for this very specific vision of a table I had in mind. I could picture this dream table – but I could not find it anywhere in the world. I live in a smaller space and needed a table that 1) gave me the flexibility I needed to get the maximum benefit out of the limited space I have, 2) was easy for me to handle, and 3) looked modern and visually appealing. The Arry Table is unique because of its unique patent-pending functional design features that has the sensibility of a woman and the technical wow of a man. Often when a person installs or purchases a table, the table is there to stay. If flexibility is desired in the length of the table, often table leaflets or complicated mechanical mechanisms are needed – and for a woman living alone, it was not an ideal scenario for me to have to 1) lift/store a leaflet or 2) struggle with a mechanical mechanism to use a table. Because space was limited for me, I wanted to be able to literally put the table away when it was not in use to allow the open space to be used for other things: storage, painting, Christmas tree, or having a guest sleepover on an air mattress. The Arry Table does it all: table length can be increased with one simple movement by extending the outer stainless steel table surface to expose the inner wood surface. It’s a continuous surface because the height different between the top of the stainless steel top and the wood top is minimal at less than 1mm. The Arry Table can be used anywhere along the wall in whatever length the user desires. The table can also be put away up on the wall (like a Murphy Table), and anywhere along the wall the user desires. The Arry Table gives me the flexibility to do with it whatever I desire without the help of anyone. I alone can extend the length of the table; I alone can move the table and place it anywhere I please; and I alone can put the table away on the wall. Often it takes at least two people to move tables or dining tables – the Arry Table is easy and light enough that a person does not have to be very strong nor very muscular to manage it. The Arry Table is designed using mixed materials: a very hard scratch resistant maple wood and a very durable modern looking stainless steel sleeve. Whether the table is in a closed position (table sleeve is fully covering the inner wood surface), or in an open position (table sleeve is extended fully out exposing the inner wood surface), the table is visually pleasurable. The table can also be built using a variety of other materials not shown in the accompanying application photos: walnut, birch plywood, plastics, glass, copper, raw steel, etc… allowing ultimate flexibility in the way it can be customized to the owner’s taste.
Design Challenges
Once the design concept had been created, several iterations of the product were created to address challenges around the table legs. The table legs had to be strong enough to hold the table when both in closed and extended positions - but also light enough to use as a lifting device to put the table away onto the wall. Often the table legs that were used in the earlier designs had difficulty folding on the wall, and then folding out smoothly when the table was brought down to the floor. We turned to a custom solution to answer this challenge.
Production Technology
All of the products from Arry Designs, Inc are designed, built, made, and produced in Seattle, WA. Arry Designs, Inc uses green sustainable reclaimed materials wherever possible. Table top "sleeves" are building using high grade stainless steel (other options for materials are possible e.g. raw steel, copper, glass). Table top is made out of maple wood (other options for the wood are also possible).
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