Bamboo Diamond Bracelet (Jewelry) by Takayas Mizuno
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
The eye catching design of the bracelet is the result of the synchronicity of 2 unique shapes. The rounded hollow center showcases the beauty of the diamonds by balancing the use of organic and geometric shapes without sacrificing architecturally sound principles of building the structure of the bracelet. Viewed from different angles also gives the impression of a futuristic design.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was how to recreate the design from the computer model to the actual bracelet. The design had to be created in a way that the casting would be able to build the whole bracelet in parts and still maintain the integrity of the unique structure and shape. Cleaning and polishing the hollow parts inside the bracelet is time consuming and requires care since it will be showing, but well worth the effort. After the parts are completed, a laser welder is used in the next phase of the bracelet. The utmost care is needed in order not to damage the previous steps of the work already done. From whatever angle one looks at the bracelet, the bracelet appears as if it were a different design, that is one of the elements that make this bracelet unique.
Production Technology
18K Gold. Diamonds.
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