Bluetrek Titanium + (Bluetooth Headset) by CONNECTEDEVICE Ltd
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
After comparing Bluetooth headsets on the market, we found most of them to be uninspiring and based on the same outdated and bulky form factors. We aimed to design a chic headset with a luxurious look and minimalist form factor. We also felt that an ideal headset must be comfortable to wear for long periods and include all of the latest technological features.
The new Bluetrek Titanium+ headset reaches new heights in luxurious design and function for today’s modern consumer. The Titanium+ headset's clean lines symbolize ‘reaching out’ as the slim boom tube extends from the unobtrusive circular ear piece. The ultra-light and beautifully balanced headset lets you reach out to the world. The thoroughly modern Titanium+ seamlessly streams audio signals from multi-media sources, making it the perfect match for the latest smart devices on the market today. The Bluetrek Titanium+ supports both the HandsFree and A2DP Bluetooth® profiles. This means that you get to enjoy hands-free calling and crystal clear stereo audio from devices such as your smartphone, iPad, or Android tablet. You can feel the perfect balance of the Bluetrek Titanium+ in your hand. This is because of its patent-pending design, ensuring that you experience weightless comfort when it is in your ear. Your conversations can be almost instantly extended with Bluetrek’s fast-charging feature.
Design Challenges
The hardest challenge of designing the Titanium+ was with the manufacturing of such a sophisticated headset. Aluminum metal alloy is a material that requires exceptional precision for products that require high RF permeability. We also had to ensure a high level of control for the thickness and diameter of the microphone boom to ensure compatibility with the specially designed battery. Additionally, finding a supplier to supply a battery pack in such a specific form factor was a challenging process as well. Patent pending of Technologies : 201010518100.5; Registered Design: 201030569062.7
Production Technology
A light metal alloy boom and high quality production techniques utilizing our patented battery in boom technology give the Titanium+ an ultra-luxurious look and superior strength and durability at just 5.5 grams.
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