Wave Catamaran (Cruiser Yacht) by Roberta Visintin
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Winner
The project starts from the analysis of today typology catamarans design. In most cases we have pointed out that the exterior design is too much simple, almost skin-deep and without fluent line, unlike the luxurious and elegant interiors. For this reason we thought to give a different answer to the current naval market drawing a catamaran 24 meters long with a sporting, but at the same time elegant, design.
Thinking about the sea as a world in a continuous movement, we took the “wave” as a symbol of it. Starting from this idea we modelled the lines of the hulls which seem to break themselves to bow. The second element at the base of the project idea is the concept of the living space that we wanted to draw in a sort of continuity between interiors and exteriors. Through the big glass windows we get an almost 360 degree view, which allows a visual continuity with outside. Not only, through the large glass doors opened life inside is projected in the outdoor spaces giving a continuity in the use of the yacht.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was to begin without a structural design. The difficulty was designing one hull feasible that calls to mind the sinuous lines of the wave.
Production Technology
The exterior of the hulls and superstructure is designed in bronze colour fibreglass to propose a new chromatic boat line. The interior walls are coated with civil white plaster properly treated, while some elements, as the ceiling of the shipowner's cabin and the headboard of the bed, are decorated with leather. The floors are wooden (teak for the external spaces, wengé for the interiors), sails in carbon fiber.
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