Chongqing Mountain and City Sales Office (Sales Office) by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design is inspired by the geographical background of Chongqing
“Mountain” being selected as the main theme of this clubhouse, the design is inspired by the location of the project - Chongqing Nanshan District, it is a valley surrounded by hills. Inspired by the geographical background, the grand slanted feature wall and the marble floor pattern are in triangular forms. The massive triangular features are abstracting from the “mountain”. The pattern of grey marbles on the floor is forming in triangular shape. Together with the feature wall and the irregular shaped reception counters, the “mountain” concept being demonstrated. In addition, the stairs connecting the floors are designed to be a passage through the cave. “Grey” being selected as the main theme colour, the reception counters are in pale champagne gold colour. Designers minimized the materials and colors being used, they even eliminated all unnecessary decorative items to bring in the “natural” feeling. This sales office is designed in a modern style with a lot of odd and sharp angles and corners on the feature walls and the irregular shaped reception counters, all these can give a hard and stiff impression to the visitors. Designers make use of the LED lightings to soften the whole impression. Designers make use of the LED lightings, and it becomes one of the special features in this sales office. LED are rarely to be used in such manner. The LED lightings are hanged from the ceiling, imitating the raining scene in the valley and presenting the natural feeling. With those LED lightings, irregular shape reception counter and the slanted irregular walls, it was a modern and abstract design derived from the natural environment in Chongqing. The visitors are excited to have this spatial experience but also feel relax and comfortable in the sales office.
Design Challenges
It was a modern and abstract design derived from the natural environment in Chongqing.To build the mountain scene, designers piled up the linear marbles strips and formed the irregular walls. Designer has to handle the irregular shapes of the slanted walls and the marble floor pattern carefully. As this is difficult to present the three dimensional design on drawings, designers built model to study the irregular forms and space of the entire space including all the bar and reception counters.
Production Technology
Roller blind, Carpet, Fabric, Mirror, Glass, Marble, Corian stone, Paint, Plastic laminate, Outdoor timber decking, Stainless steel, Wallpaper
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