Baboor Dawar Line (Table) by Dalia Sadany
2011 - 2012, Iron A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
I had two influential aspects, first, deriving from rich historical or folkloric heritages and the concept that every item in our lives even an outdated kitchen appliance can have beauty in it if seen from an art seeking eye which makes the prospects countless.
The use of colored glass for the table top as an indication to the old steel mesh purposed for cooking ,has imitated the functionality with a material that is both operational and does not obstruct perceiving the meticulous details of the table. This piece despite the fact that it is a sculptured hand crafted wooden replica of an extinct household appliance yet alterations made to its design, dimensions, proportions and materials used whether in manufacturing or finishing has subtly transcended it into an Avant-Guard item that is not only astounding but also clicks as a historical utensil in our memory and revives nostalgic emotion of culture and folklore while maintaining a bridge of familiarity with its modern twist to items used and seen in the present.
Design Challenges
The challenging aspect of that design was dependability on the rich practice of handcrafted wood. A talented, artistic occupation that reveals uniqueness of every work of art that is close to extinction, in face of modern technology in mass production .I always found it quite contradictory and disappointing that whilst we as a race are progressing technologically we are hindering behind in crafty art, a mesmerizing feature that distinguished and drew the face of styles and eras throughout history. It was far from an easy task to seek and revive such a unique talent and reintroduce it in trendy distinguished pieces, especially if we are intending to mimic an item in hand made wood carving in a method very similar to sculpturing art pieces.
Production Technology
-The body is manufactured from solid Beech Wood, manually handcrafted. - Lacquered painting in various colors. - Alternative finishing – Oak or Elm Burl veneer. - Colored glass top in various colors. - Stainless steel anti-scratch leg guard.
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