Surfsail42 (Sailboard For Windsurfing and Sailing) by Hakan Gürsu
2011 - 2012, Bronze A' Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Winner
Hakan Gürsu states that the inspiration for Surfsail42 Sailboard For Windsurfing and Sailing came suddenly.
Windsurfing or sail boarding can be defined as a surf sport that has both surfing and sailing elements. By nature, using only wind power, it is an environmentally friendly sport with zero carbon emission that should be promoted. Like other surf sports, sail boarding needs is not very accessible because its difficulty of learning. Nowadays with better equipment designs, windsurfing vessels are becoming more beginner-friendly, whereas SailSurf42 aims to reach and attract crowds to beaches. SurfSail42 is the first foldable space-saving sailing vessel that allows both sailing and surfing. It is designed for both single and dual usage for training, entertainment and professional purposes. Either for learning, professional sports or fun, SurfSail42 transforms surf sailing concept by offering a social windsurf experience or a sailing time together. SurfSail42 is named both after for being for two persons and having a board sized 4.20 m. SurfSail42 in Surf Mood can be used solo or duo for training. Single beginner user can practice more easily with high stability. In dual usage, beginner can practice safely with a trainer and learn quicker and easier by feeling more secure. Beginners can advance from beginning to progressive levels within the same board by only changing the sails. For entertaining, single or dual usage for persons with various levels is possible. Sports, fun and speed are shared in cruising while acrobatic movements add dynamism to surfing experience. For pros, single windsurfers or teams of two can equip SurfSail42 for extreme racing and sail cups. SurfSail42 in Sail Mood also offers similar capabilities for training, entertainment and professional use. Practicing with an advanced surfer or sharing a sail time with a friend, sailing experience is doubled. SurfSail42 appeals to schools and windsurfing clubs and centers aiming to teach windsurfing to beginners right on the board. Also for people wishing to learn surfing and sailing easily and tandem, it is the only sail shared vessel alternative. SurfSail42 has a wider board than conventional surfboards. This makes it more controllable, stable thus beginner-friendly. Also windsurfing becomes easier for entry level with the advantage of learning with a trainer. Consequently, SurfSail42 aims to make surfing and sailing sports more accessible to everyone by lowering the learning difficulties. At the same time, board is suitable for progressive levels with compatibility to various sail sizes such as lasers. Using standard sails, it can be equipped with different sized sails with different insert positions. Folding and collapsing the board makes transportation and storage easier. To fold the board, sail is removed from insert. When folded, two wheels on the back touch the surface to ease carrying. Then the board is pulled via handle on the front side of the board. Apart from the board, standard parts are used. In surf mode, board and sail is used while racing fins and trapeze bars are optional. Additionally in sailing mode, jib sail, rudder and tiller are used. Sail and board can be controlled either by single surfer or a team of two. Side fins are changeable and offer customization with various colors and styles.
Design Challenges
Hakan Gürsu did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Surfsail42 Sailboard For Windsurfing and Sailing.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the Surfsail42 Sailboard For Windsurfing and Sailing by Hakan Gürsu is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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