The Fa.b (Fabric Bookcase) by Aliki Rovithi
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
People’s rapidly increasing book storage needs.
The “Fa.B.” is a fabric bookcase and a fabulous new way to store, arrange and protect your books and magazines. Outside the rationale of any shelving system, “Fa.B.” offers the user renewable storage space. A single or more modular fabric units can be added to the wooden stand in a few minutes. The durable fabric along with the wide open wooden sides of “Fa.B.” gives us the opportunity to use as little raw materials and natural resources as possible, according to the dematerialization approach that our times require.
Design Challenges
Aliki Rovithi did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning The Fa.b Fabric Bookcase.
Production Technology
“Fa.B.” is made of birch plywood (laser cut). Birch wood, when harvested from sustainably managed forests, poses low environmental risks. The fabric units are made of a recyclable, resilient, stain resistant, wrinkle-free fabric. The castors are made of steel and rubber. Steel is a 100% recyclable metal and rubber can be turned into rubber mulch. The “Fa.B.” as a flat-pack furniture, helps to reduce volume and thus carbon dioxide’s emissions, during transportation.
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