Bojo (Multi-Function Modular Furniture) by Helen Brasinika
2011 - 2012, Bronze A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
A toy from my youth
Square 120x120 centimeter plywood boards can by used and locked in place using their special slots. They can provide within seconds different layouts and compositions, suitable for home application for a small study or home office. They can even provide bigger scale compositions for a contemporary professional office interior. Using the special aluminium accessories they can add alcoves for paper or book storage. In case the user needs change, or more space is needed the boards can be disassembled and using the same aluminioum accessories can be transormed into coffee tables, bookcases etc. in endless compositions and tranformations. Ease in assembling, storage and transportation as well as common production technology can make bojo into a very popular home and office furnishing composition that is adjusted to changing users' needs, mood and space
Design Challenges
Helen Brasinika did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Bojo Multi-Function Modular Furniture.
Production Technology
Ordinary plywood boards are cut square using CNC technology, while the two different sides are pressed sustainably produced formicas. Accessories are made of anodized aluminium using current aluminium techonology production
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