Massimals (Architectural Design Research Installation) by Design Office Takebayashi Scroggin (D.O.T.S)
2011 - 2012, Bronze A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
Architectural models and a petting zoo.
Massimals is an architectural design research project that presents full-scale pieces exploring the relationship between social engagement and built form. Each Massimal’s character is developed by synthesizing scale, material, and architectural mass modeling techniques to develop its suggestive form.
Design Challenges
The design challenge for us is to produce something with unique formal characteristics out of standardized components and simple construction logic that will engage the public conscious.
Production Technology
Each Massimal is fabricated from one lightweight material and utilizing one modeling technique to develop its form: 1. White foam board: horizontal contour model 2. Brown corrugated cardboard: egg-crate model 3. Pink polystyrene foam: vertical contour model 4. Blue polystyrene foam: massing model 5. Grey chipboard: unfolded tessellated surface Each piece is cut and assembled by hand from paper templates extracted from a model developed using digital modeling software. The polystyrene components were cut to shape using a hotwire cutter.
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