2011 - 2012, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Inspired by the dynamism resulted in the aesthetic with the use of organic forms combined with the use of sober colors that give this elegant touch to i+da
i+da is conceived as an elegant and comfortable space designed for the selling of pharmaceutical products, making it an attractive and profitable business. Its composition maintains and emphasizes the organic shapes in furniture and architectural elements; the way the costumer views the place is clean and in equilibrium.
Design Challenges
Challenge: Create a commercial space specializing in the sale of pharmaceutical products with a contemporary design that stands out for its uniqueness and that constitutes a new paradigm both for its aesthetic and functional concept. Obstacles: Emerging from the real need for a client to renew its business establishment, the major obstacle throughout the design process was the "budget", therefore, seek to maximize each element is "doing more with less."
Production Technology
The furniture fuses and adapts to every unique space in the drug store, customizing the merchandising needs required for the selling of a particular product, drawing the attention of the client making him feel his experiencing a different way of buying.Textures and finishes took an important role in the design; we played with the different heights and dichromatic colors, to create the sense of deeper and wider spaces.
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