Rain Maker (Water Purifier) by yong sang kang
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Home Appliances Design Award Winner
Inspiratirated when I've seen a sandglass in sauna
Human power can make purified water through membrane filter. This membrane filter can use back flushing which lasts longer than other purifiers. This product can be used without electricity. This product can store extra filters.
Design Challenges
Initially it was challenged to find how membrane filters work ideally in an appropriate shape. However, I have decided two cone shapes that are base side back to back so the body creates space for extra filers. second challenge was back flushing. membrane expert said back flushing extend use-by date of filters. upside-down action can makes product could be intuitable for less-educated people in under-developed country.
Production Technology
BioCleanActâ„¢ Anti-microbial Master Batch is anti-microbial that MST Develops by much kinds so that can satisfy user's appetite. As concentration anti-microbial of pellet form, is supplied by much kinds in various form such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, SAN PLA so that can satisfy user's appetite. Apply to various plastics and is suitable to Well-being stationery, infant's needs, life, electronic article and Superior performance about endocrine disrupter is not detection decision and human body safety and various poisonous bacillus were recognized from domestic, outside official recognition test institution can use safety to package film for food, food storage courage, chopping board, cosmetics receptacle, wide application product such as treatment tool. PE, PP, ABS, SAN, PLA(Biodegradable), Polyester Chip(Anti-microbial, deodorization, dry & humidity,anion, electromagnetic waves shielding, Scattered Infrared rays functional fiber emission) Non-toxic to the human body. 1. Safe from environmental endocrine disrupters. 2. Guarantee excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungi efficacy. 3. Wide anti-bacterial, anti-fungi, anti-lichen(moss) power. 4. Admirable anti-microbial continuance. 5. Superior resistance to the heat. 6. Acquired all of the test reports in accordance with regulations of US FDA & Korea FDA.
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