Vintage Tailor's Room (Office Design) by Chun Kai, Kyle Chan
2011 - 2012, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
We usually believe that design is from old to new. When I have first visit to the place needed to be renovated, we can smell history from there. First of all, we aimed at building up a high-ended and modern office to the garment company. However, we changed our mind because of the old goods. The old machines, the old tools are all becoming our motif to display the timeline of manufacturing history. History is being visualized and you will see history in every way. We should believe that history will never be forgotten.
The project is aiming to turn a garment factory to a modern manufacturing office. The project is away from the regular and formal office design. We have make use of existing stuff from the old environment and we try to mix and match the old with the new in order to create a refreshed working environment. When you enter the "office", you will believe that it is rather a showroom than an office. We try not to settle with the normal office style but we would provide a more open and relax area to the one work in here or the one visit here. Most of the decoration are from the old garment factory which we have tried to show the timeline of the garment history in Hong Kong. When you walk to every corner at the office, it's like a time travel which we will bring you to the old garment period. The sewing machines, the yarn, the fabric and the tailor table are from the old garment factory. The highlighted part id the conference room which the tailor table is the conference table. The old style office would provide you a more formal image which you know it is the working place. However, our project is another option apart from the regular design of office. We will let you experience the goods of old and, at the same time, we know how important working environment is. We are now presenting you a modern and innovated office design to every boss.
Design Challenges
Chun Kai, Kyle Chan did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Vintage Tailor's Room Office Design.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the Vintage Tailor's Room Office Design by Chun Kai, Kyle Chan is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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