Obsidian Rbst (Doorbell Panel) by Serhat Apak & Burhan Özugur
2011 - 2012, Silver A' Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Award Winner
“Obsidian Stone” is the symbol of purity and strength. In 5th millennium BC, in Anatolia, the first humanbeings produced their curring tools from obsidian mine. Today, this black colored mine is still used as surgical scalpel and gemstone.
ObsidianRBST a doorbell panel with video conversation. Functions carried on the bell panel are designed with modular architecture. The camera, screen, speakers and microphone, keypad, card reader are each separate functioning modules and can be used with various alternatives depending on the project requirements. "Functional modules" with the aluminum extrusion profile, create the body of the product and there are LED wall washers lighting on both sides of the ObsidianRBST. With its metallic appearance on both sides of the product, aluminum extrusion profile gives a robust, durable and simple impression while enhancing the mechanical durability of the product against outer factors and impacts. Function modules consist of an injection molding of plastic parts. Modules have interconnectors therefore mounting of the product to the site of use (field) is easier and takes shorter than its alternatives. Black and metallic color exhibits an appealing image in many different environments and makes it suitable for crowded business centers, residences, skyscrapers and even for farm houses.
Design Challenges
According to the requirements of the project, various types of product combinations can be formed using the required function modules. Service and maintenance operations and product upgrades can be easily done thanks to modular construction. Product installation is quick and easy. Design features allow use in all kind of grounds and environments including luxury buildings due to its elegant look and both inner and outer environments with its solid construction. By repetition of modular groups, a number of panel groups can be used together according to the number of flats in the building. This way, its use can be achieved through side by side arrangement of several panel groups together.
Production Technology
The ObsidianRBST is made of injection plastic and extrusion aluminium.
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