Spontaneous | Kinetic Kontraption (Multi-Functional Table) by Andrew Slade
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
Working with a Community Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, and as a component of a Masters of Architecture Thesis.
This product (quickly and easily) transforms into a variety of configurations to suit a range of functional and aesthetic needs. Some of the options include: + Coffee Table, both small and large versions + TV Stand + Book Shelves, wall mounted or stacked on floor + Display Pieces + Light Table + more! *Please see, ‘Operation / Flow / Interaction’ and ‘Research Abstract’ sections to learn what sets SPONTANEOUS Custom Design apart from other customizable furniture designs.
Design Challenges
Next steps: marketing and mass-producing Kinetic Kontraption product.
Production Technology
The prototype for Kinetic Kontraption was created at Azrieli School of Architecture wood and metal shops at Carleton University, Ontario, Canada. + No CNC milling machine was required for its production, although it could be useful for the creation of future models. + All shop work was done first hand by using an arrangement of machines; from table, radial, and mitre saws, wood lathes, splining, bisketing, paper-gluing techniques, to metal saws, welding, and manual metal bending and sanding processes. + All digital design work was created using AutoCAD 2012 and Rhino, Revit, and Cinema 4D files were also created for various 3D modelling purposes. The materials are fairly interchangeable; however, the prototype model was constructed with maple and maple plywood for all wood components and cold rolled steel rods and tube for all metal components. + Additional Hardware: (2) threaded rods with wing nuts and (4) adjusters [for metal frame legs]
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