Style Hong Kong Show in Beijing 2011 (Trade Fairs) by Hong Kong Trade Development Council Creative Department
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Event and Happening Design Award Winner
The inspirational concept “Flowing Vogue” was used. This had direct connotations of bringing the Hong Kong style influences to Beijing and also for sites specific reasons to bring the visitors from outside to flow into our indoor space. The inspirational creative concept was strongly extended throughout, from the graphic collaterals, through to the environmental decoration and temporary architecture of the booths. In response to the existing physical angular architectural surrounding, six futuristic domed shaped booths were produced to house 12 of HK’s top brands, while using eco friendly paper banners and fabric material decorations. The overall Style HK Show in Beijing generated enough curiosity to attract over 220,000 visitors.
This Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) trade fair was aimed to help HK companies penetrate the mainland retail market and to develop brand awareness among the local consumers. The Style Hong Kong Show in Beijing is a consumer fair where Hong Kong companies can sell their products to local consumers and test market response in the Northeastern region of China. The trade fair had to aesthetically stand out from the existing architectural surrounding and required to be rain and wind proof made these striking dome shaped booths unique. A guide map featuring 1,300 Hong Kong outlets was massively distributed to the Beijing consumers to maximise the promotional effect of the Style Hong Kong Show in the city. 180 one to one business matching meetings were conducted during the event assisted HK companies to develop new business opportunities and potential trade partners in the mainland. This consumer trade fair design consists of 42 HK’s brands attracting over 220,000 visitors during a 5-day period as a result of this unique design.
Design Challenges
While exhibiting 42 of the best HK’s Lifestyle brands in this event, one of the major challenges was to produce a design that is aesthetically outstanding amongst this venue of new modern angular architectural buildings. Also weather proofing these booths for outdoor usage was a key consideration.
Production Technology
From an engineering point of view, the Style Hong Kong Show in Beijing 2011 Trade Fairs by Hong Kong Trade Development Council Creative Department is a good example of a highly-developed project.
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