Minimals (Toys) by Sebastián Burga
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Winner
I created the first version of Minimals in 2008 while I was studying in Berlin. Those were difficult times for me as I had no money to pay the rent, so I thought a solution could be to sell drawings of cute animals in Mauerpark. I didn not have great results but I found something special about these silly creatures. Afterwards, When I came back to Peru I felt I was ready to create a complete toy set based on them. Last year, my partner Claudia Hermosilla and I recreated a whole universe of Minimals with false product lines in deutsch, posters, magnets and other merchandising as if they were manufactured by a german industry.
Minimals are an adorable line of modular animals characterized by the use of primary color palette and geometric shapes. The name derives, at a time, from the word "Minimalism" and the contraction of "Mini-Animals". Certainly, they're set out to expose the essence of toyness through eliminating all non-essential forms, features and concepts. Together, they create a pantone of colors, animals, clothes, styles and archetypes, encouraging people to find themselves between them.
Design Challenges
The creative challenge was to make one unique modular code that would be recognizable in each separate piece, even when each had different characteristics depending on the animal they represented.
Production Technology
Wood and paint duco.
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