Sculptural Luxury: Movement + Pearls (Jewelry Set) by Marcia Budet
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Capturing Movement: Inspired by photographs of fabrics in movement from some of the most spectacular New York City Ballet performances, this set of pieces intend to express the elegance and grace that are shown on stage, just in a different medium.
The photographs were analyzed and deconstructed, forms were abstracted and reinterpreted to give form to the pieces - providing functionality while capturing the essence of the concept: movement. The pieces in the set capture the delicate gesture of gently holding a pearl, framing its classic nature and elegance. The design intends to create an optical illusion as if the pearls were floating in the air. We achieve this effect by minimizing the contact between the metal and the stone, yet maintaining a very organic and natural feeling between the two that creates a composition full of harmony. In addition, each of the earrings that make up the pair is a mirror image of each other, promoting uniqueness and framing the face's bone structure.
Design Challenges
Marcia Budet did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Sculptural Luxury: Movement + Pearls Jewelry Set.
Production Technology
Models: 18k Gold with White Japanese Fresh Water Pearls, Sterling Silver with White Japanese Fresh Water Pearls, Sterling Silver with Black Japanese Fresh Water Pearls.
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