Embo Hospital (Hospital) by CHING-I WU
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
An embryonic form, symbolizing the beginning of life and the purpose of this hospital- a place of hope, miracles and new life.
Embo hospital was then a decrepit building before its construction, whereas now, it is a revolutionary designed health care institution in Xiamen, China, representing a fresh vision of a hospital environment by breaking the traditional boundaries with a brand new concept for gynecology and obstetrics. Creating what normally one does not see in a hospital, the centerpiece reveals the spiral grand staircase enhancing its optical and spatial expansion; illustrating an embryo shape upon its opening. Common walls are seen as a progression of vibrating flowing lines, instead, directing one to an ambiance of the beautiful sceneries; giving the most important featured space for the visitors. By taking care of all the cable-lines in two simple cone-shaped pillars beside the staircase solves all the functional activities from the hospital. Lastly, not only the design utilizes recycled marble that would have become excess waste in its construction, but also reinforcing the care for environmental concerns was the main goal of the design.
Design Challenges
The grand staircase was a big challenge. After it has been constructed the first time, it was a factor that was adjusted in person from our creative director; the whole staircase was then rebuilt, resolving the lighting direction and expanding spaces for both the ground floor to the second floor. Especially the relationship of the staircase between the first and second floor. Questioning how the design could be focused on not only how the staircase is directed but spaces that could provide the best scenery for the visitors was the main concern. Also, how the cables for all functional activities could be placed together in an area so the environment would not be disorganized.
Production Technology
List of the main materials we've selected/ used for this project: Suspended ceiling, plasterboard, woodwork, cropped stone band (placing one by one onto the floor-environmental friendly), and vinyl seamless flooring.
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