Deepe (Table Decoration, Piggy Bank) by Zoltan Madosfalvi
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
The current formulation in terms of the polished diamond structure derived. The polished surfaces of different diamond pieces are each individual form and structure, this bringing out the most of them with the minimum loss of material. The piggy bank is such a unique form of grinding, however, to be drawn on a piggy characteristic, it serves as an indication that the inside and outside value. Thus linked to the content and form.
The object is a piggy bank.The unique character shaped appearance combines an expensive, prestigious jewelry features a lovable and kind and the constant presence of family members, fundraising is very functional properties. But the most outstanding feature DeePee - all in addition to standard functions perfectly meets - is that new wording, unique and complementary contextualized "jewel" all exclusive home.
Design Challenges
An 'iconic' object creation, whose function primarily is not for the usability but the intellectual content
Production Technology
The piggy bank is made of porcelain, which producei technology enables manufacturing of complex shape. After completing the master form, they make a negative gypsum form from it, and then poured the porcelain into. The resulting porcelain repair the first positive mold (grinding it as the diamond), and then burn out at different temperatures depending on what gets glaze
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