Tangible Data (Data Fabrication For Exhibition) by Kyuha Shim
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Information Technologies Design Award Winner
We are living in the flood of enormous data sets, but how do we read them? What is the difference between 2D and 3D data visualization? How do we interact with data if it is fabricated and tangible? This research explores tactile communication focused on information. Curious about a new way of visualizing data, I began to explore three dimensional data-fabrictions using CNC and 3D printing technologies. In these ways, a designer can allow users to understand more complex data than by looking at a flat visualization. Also, projecting an additional layer on the fabricated form makes it possible for users to update or compare complex data.
Development of an effective 3D fabrication techniques have inspired us that now is the time for to imagine a new field. I hope these practices foster the way we see data and eventually create new experience which makes users more engaged with data. This is more intuitive way of looking data by changing the perspective in the real world. Also, viewers are not only intrigued by the form, but also become curious about the context.
Design Challenges
Design and technology are changing the way we live today. My selected projects aim to explore a tangible communication between users and data. We are surrounded by enormous amount of data and visualizations. Data fabrication will expand the way we perceive data in the future.
Production Technology
Using Java, Python and Rhino, I translated numeric data into tangible form and I used 3D printing and CNC machines to fabricate it.
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