Dining Table and Beyond (Table With Adjustable Tabletop) by ATHANASIA LEIVADITOU
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Winner
ATHANASIA LEIVADITOU states that the inspiration for Dining Table and Beyond Table With Adjustable Tabletop came suddenly.
This table has the ability to adjust its surface to different shapes, materials, textures and colors. Contrary to a conventional table, whose tabletop serves as a fixed surface for the serving accessories (plates, serving platters, etc.), this table’s components act as both the surface and the serving accessories. These accessories can be composed in different shaped and sized components depending on the required dining needs.
Design Challenges
ATHANASIA LEIVADITOU did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Dining Table and Beyond Table With Adjustable Tabletop.
Production Technology
This table consists of a supporting system (legs) and an adjustable horizontal grid where the surface elements are placed. The horizontal grid can change its subdivisions and create different gaps that accessories of different size can be adjusted. The plates and the adjusting accessories of this table can come in different colors and textures and can vary between four dimensions based on the grid. The result of the composition of the smaller components is to convert the flat to a curvy surface whose “topology” changes according to the different functions and needs. The plates and the adjusting accessories of this table can be washed in the washing machine, like the regular plates. They can be used also in other functions such as decoration, vases, decoration platters, laptop bases etc. For example in the case of the vase, there are only the flowers that are revealing over the table giving a great sense of minimalism. The accessories of the prototype are made of plexiglass for easier experimentation.
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