Gilda and Metamorphosis Collections (Beachwear & Fashion Collection) by Francesca De Blasi
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
Metamorphosis is a reinterpretation of an icon dress of the seventies: the wrap dress (“the dress that wraps”). The dress properly is the symbol of an epochal revolution, when women became aware of themselves, become strong, independent, confident and seductive. The wrap dress, in fact, is a versatile dress identity and may have different meanings, it adapts itself to the body that is wearing it, emphasizing the female figure, being a strong communicative and seductive tool. The pattern has a fundamental role in the icon, as well as in the icon's reinterpretation; one of the main innotive point is rappresented by the use of a different kind of drawing-construction, which is no longer printed but is realized by the laser cutting technology on leather and this has allowed us to develop a new effect based on the overlap of layers, stacking of materials by different weight, feel, and colors. It permits to create a reflection on the relationship between body-suit, as it interacts, shows, hides and seduces the eye. Dualism is the common thread, one item can become another, a continuous metamorphosis, it can be worn in several ways: décolleté neckline with suede side, suede side neckline on the back side, the flesh side with the décolleté neckline, flesh side with neckline on the back. The dress can also be worn opened as coats, both sides. Sensuality and seduction, research, contrasts, are also characteristics of “Gilda”, which took its inspiration from the famous character played by Rita Hayworth in the omonymous film, 1946. In the Charles Vidor film's, Gilda embodies the figure of the femme fatale, the object of desire, a very sensual and attractive woman. Strong contrast between light and darkness, the clothes are all black,they have a lot of light points that enhance the beauty. Clean lines, embellished with compositions of petals and Swarovski.
It is a capsule collection, the special feature is the handmade details and fine design for print and technologies used to create the designs.
Design Challenges
The biggest hurdle was to set up the design laser cut leather on a single piece. I had to make a great study and research to ensure that it could be made and it was hard to find a company able to develop a prototype. For the other items the difficulty was the handmade creation of the petals of fabric and apply by hand one by one Swarovski crystals. It was a very time consuming action but it surely gives added value to the dresses.
Production Technology
Part of the collection is made of tissue and embellished with iridescent organza petals and crystals Swarosvki. A garment is made ​​of 100% leather cut with laser technology
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