Untitled Design (Men's Underwear Store) by AS Design Service Limited -
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Male Traits of Kingliness
Designers Four Lau and Sam Sum based on "Male Traits" as the design concept of this top fashion men's underwear brand shop. They endeavored to inject humanity into interior architecture, searched for the modern and abstract styles, and used deep charcoal gray and yellow colors as focus point. Window display shows a replica of a streamline future transportation sculpture that appeared in movie, which is operating by a male mannequin. It is a perfect combination of abstract and modern, and demonstrating the men love to gain pleasure over controlling / demonstrating dynamic. Also it is hilarious to imagine that it is a huge banana in order to associate with the important part of men; it is the symbol of men wanting to demonstrate power, self confidence, and dignity in front of women. The small screens of yellow grid construction wall display unit would demonstrate the latest brand fashion show, exhibiting the season's most fashionable products for customers.
Design Challenges
Consideration of sales operation and humanity: The yellow grid construction wall display unit is filled with different branding size boxed products, when the salesperson picks up the box at the front, subsequent boxes will be pushed to the front by the mechanics automatically to fill the vacancy, without the help of the salesperson, which presents a humanized demonstration.
Production Technology
MATERIALS: velvet wallpaper, tiles, black glass, stainless steel, powder coating metal, and fiber glass
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