Yoshinoya (Fast Food Restaurant) by AS Design Service Limited -
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Chic Home
Designers Four Lau & Sam Sum used “Home” as the core design element to build a “Chic Home”, presenting the brand image as young, energetic, and warm. The shape of “House” created a marker that makes the customers easily associated with the new image “Home”. Giant Japanese chopsticks, Japanese wooden plate menus, and levels of distinctive colors have become the new image elements of Yoshinoya fast food chain. High malleability and varied house-shaped design could link different areas and makes the spaces more stereoscopic. The design of geometric triangles on the wall creates a diversity of design styles, was inspired by Japanese origami. It makes the “Home” vivacious and creates a relaxing and lively environment for dining.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge of the project is that, having a long history, the brand’s trademark and main color is well understood by the general public, we tried to create a new emblem for the brand while keeping the original elements and to be innovative. This new emblem has to be simple and easy to understand, while leaving a deep impression and high malleability, varied and interesting. The main competitors with a strong trademark in the market made essential changes to the main colors, but our client did not allow such a change, but only to add new emblem and more colors. They also considered the linkage between traditional Japanese cultures to a part of the design but not too traditional; it made the design more difficult.
Production Technology
MATERIALS: Artificial Stone, Tiles, Glass, Back Paint Glass, Stainless steel, Powder Coating Metal, Leather, and Plastic Laminate. Seating accommodation: 258 Seats
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