Alphard Duo Golf Cart (Golf Bag & Push Cart Combination) by Alex Tse
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Winner
Any golfer would like to minimize the room needed for their golf bag or golf push cart, for the sake of storage and more importantly for transport. As golfers ourselves, we've seen compact, but it seems there's always a trade off between size and convenience. We have yet to see compact put together with convenience and ease of use. We've always imagined the golf bag and push cart combined could be a breakthrough if done right, yet it's no easy task.
Duo Cart by Alphard Golf is the first to make a combined golf bag and push cart that is fast & simple to set up, and is functionally practical. The Duo Cart redefines compactness and convenience for golfers. Another very unique feature is the Duo Cart's detachable skin, one can shed the fabric (we call it the skin) and zip on a new one for a change of color or look.
Design Challenges
What makes the Alphard Duo Golf Cart so unique is the folding mechanism, and it was hard to make it simple. A push cart has to have at least 3 wheels, and has to be shorter than a golf driver when folded so that it can be place in the trunk easily. We started out placing wheels around a golf bag and found that having two sets of wheels at the top and the bottom is the most ideal configuration for storage. Then we started cutting tubes and tried hundreds of ways to connect the wheels with the frame. We also came up with a glide folding mechanism that requires only two actions to change the cart from a folded orientation to a ready to play orientation.
Production Technology
The Duo Cart is made from a combination of aluminum extrusions, plastic parts, steel parts, and fabric. It is light weight (25% lighter than having a push cart and golf bag separately). It is also the first golf push cart that integrated a gas spring in the folding mechanism.
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