Bamboo Lattice (Clothes) by Do Thanh Xuan
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award Winner
The bamboo lattice work in vietnam is everywhere in the life at varying scales and a wide range of uses. The bamboo is used structurally, to create a form. The textured shapes are interesting and beautiful and it impresses me about how such a simple, inexpensive product can make such unique, beautiful and durable products. This inspired to bring it into my fashion designs.
Inspiration of my designs comes from bamboo lattice. In Vietnam, we see this technique in many products such as invitation cards, toys, boats, furniture, baskets for catching fish, chicken cages, lanterns, home accessories, many products. Bamboo lattice is strong, inexpensive, and easy to make with few or no tools. My vision is to create a resort wear fashion line that is exciting and graceful, sophisticated and charming. I applied this bamboo lattice detail to some of my fashions by converting the raw, hard regular lattice to soft material. My focus is on form and details, bringing charm and feminineness to the wearer. The material used for my designs is silk, chiffon, and linen. The clothes are visually appealing, soft to the touch and breathable.
Design Challenges
How to weave the fabric to achieve a good quality, good looking, well fitting, repeatable result
Production Technology
Hand sewn, hand weaving, machine sewing, silk, chiffon, linen
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