Odyssey (Jewelry) by Thomas Mrokon
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
The design is inspired by fruit packaging. Many damageable fruits came with a net of foamed plastic which is flexible to fit different sizes. These plastic nets can be stretched, pressed and drilled. Usually this wrapper is used as a one layer tube where the fruit is just inserted, but we decided to close this tube and created amazing two-layerd geometries.
The basic idea behind the design is to use geometric, voluminous shapes which are covered with a patterned skin. This creates an interplay of clarity and distortion of transparency and exclusion. This fascinating and simple idea creates limitless variety of shapes and fits in perfect harmony with the possibilities of rapid-prototyping, because everyone can customize his personal unique jewelry which is than individually manufactured. The design options with parametric design and serial production with rapid prototyping merge into an absolutely unique piece of jewelry - a monomer.
Design Challenges
Our products are all produced with rapid-prototyping technologies. Depending on our complex design RP-manufacturing is the best way to achieve mass-customization. Most techniques which are usually used in jewelry industry cannot create that parametric geometry. Especially the surface quality and the economic production of single pieces is not comparable to mass-production in jewelry. Each RP-Technology has its specific limitations and qualities. Knowing these limitations is the first step, but more important is a service provider who is willing to break these limits. Than you can really create astonishing designs.
Production Technology
After creating the unique design, the customer can choose between a broad range of materials. It starts with polyamide, printed with an eos formiga which is the best SLS machine on the market today. Polyamide is not UV-resistant which makes it necessary to use a finish. We can offer nearly every color which is infiltrated and protects the material from sunlight. After coloring, the pieces were treated with a special techniques which makes them insensitive against all kind of fluids like coffee or red wine. Instead of using this fluid resistance we also offer a soft-touch finish. This was hard to develop, because we just found one service partner who achieved a perfect soft-touch feeling on our jewelry. When you put on our “soft-touched” rings, you will never wear anything else. So we just don´t print out our designs - we take care of them. Of course the jewelry can be printed in metal, too. Stainless-steel, bronze, sterling silver, 18 kt gold and titanium are chooseable. As bronze, silver, gold and titanium needs no additional coating the customer can choose between high gloss or sandblasted finish. The material stainless-steel is infiltrated with bronze and has a really nice color. But it can also be galvanized with 24kt silver, 24kt gold or platinum. For those who like it dark, the material can be treated to look like black metal.
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