Jaali Bean (Brand Development) by Steve Todesco
2012 - 2013, Silver A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The initial idea for developing an accessible Indian retail offering was inspired by two individuals with worldly roots, a pulse on food trends, and ties to food service as well as an Indian heritage. Reflecting on the difference that this product could bring to the market, the team created a brand strategy to be used as a brand lens and filter to guide brand, product, and package development. The driving brand essence behind all is “Accessible India,” and it is supported by attributes that represent India. This brand essence is a perfect fit to drive brand communications that speak to the core target; mostly women as well as men over the age of 25 that are adventurous, informed, responsible and healthy.
The Jaali Bean brand name was inspired by the transformative idea behind the Hindi word jaali. Taking something hard like preparing a homemade Indian meal and transforming it into something beautiful and flavorful. We utilized a contemporary color palette. The photography suggests fresh and homemade. The rich textured background and sophisticated details create a distinct package design. Accessible India also drove structure choices; spoonable and enough in one jar for multiple servings.
Design Challenges
Creatively, one of the toughest challenges was coming up with product names, for each individual line of Jaali Bean products. We wanted the flavor profile to come across in the language and imagery used in the design. We tasted the product and wrote down descriptive words around what we were tasting to help come up with the product names.
Production Technology
Kaleidoscope's in-house production group is vertically integrated enabling different teams to work concurrently on multiple facets of a single project. Throughout the package design and identity project, we were able to rapid ideate, rapid design, and rapid prototype, so that our client, Jaali Bean could see iterations of the design quickly, as we were discussing them.
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