Nexthaler® (Dry Powder Inhaler (dpi)) by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.
2012 - 2013, Bronze A' Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design Award Winner
Despite the availability of many pharmacological interventions for the treatment of asthma, many patients fail to manage their asthma properly (Elliot, 2006), leading to increased mortality (McCowan et al., 2005; Holgate et al., 2008; Murphy, 2010). Previous literature has strongly suggested that optimal device characteristics and patient preference for a device can contribute to greater asthma control (Price et al., 2003; Chyrstyn, 2007; Chyrstyn & Price, 2009; see review Anderson, 2005).
This new dry powder inhaler contains up to 120 doses of medicament, an innovative full dose feedback system incorporating a novel breath-actuated mechanism: a click is heard and a dose counter decrements by one count, only after effective full dose delivery. The device acts both as protective container closure system for the drug product, reducing absorption of moisture by the drug substance, and as a drug delivery device for the medicinal product.
Design Challenges
It was challenging to combine both ease of use for the intended population and effective therapeutic results in one product. The challenge for the designers was to combine many different complex mechanical features (breath activated drug delivery mechanism, robust dose counting, full dose feedback) in a device that appears simple and intuitive to use (open, inhale & close).
Production Technology
NEXThaler(R) consists of different parts made of polymeric and metal materials. The device comprises two functional groups of components coupled together. The Dosing group meters the drug volumetrically from a bulk reservoir and permits de-aggregation and delivery of the product to the patient. The Counting group includes the breath actuated mechanism, which activates the dosing group under a certain air flow allowing the dose to be taken, and a dose counter decrements each time it is activated.
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