Emar Batalha-10 Years of Design (Catalog With Wood Box) by MARCELO LOPES
2012 - 2013, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The wooden box was inspired by the trays generally used by jewelers to display jewelry, as well as by the different phases involved in bringing jewelry to life: creation (sketches) and production itself. Comprised of two divisions, the box represents these phases: the first tray displays the sketches of ten pieces of jewelry, and the second tray brings the sixty-eight-page book narrating the visual trajectory of the pieces designed in the past ten years. The background of the pages in jewelry books is generally white. All of the pages in our book are colored, in tones inspired by tropicalia
The catalog celebrating Emar Batalha’s ten years in design presents a vision that encompasses gemstones, design and jewelry. The creation includes the perennial vision of art. In fifty years or more the book will exist as proof of the art and design created in the first quarter of the twenty-one century. The book and its wooden case will be in perfect state. They will be live witnesses of our times. The use of textures, contrasts and materials will give the reader a truly timeless feeling that digital manufacturing recourses cannot exploit.
Design Challenges
The most challenging aspect of the project was producing the wooden box. We were looking for something with a handmade touch, though with a high-quality finish and also made from reforestation wood. Because the boxes were handmade, we had to take into account the possibility of size variations with respect to the boxes, which could not be significant or the books would not fit, or there would be leftover space inside the boxes. However, we managed to overcome this challenge during the production process.
Production Technology
Imbuia wood case with the application of the logo in relief, laser cut out in wood. Book: detail of the satin lace with the logo in golden metal. Sensorial cover using special paper and hot-stamping print. Special pages using dry cut and crease.
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